Glory Authority Spotlight: Bluemont 5K

This is the first installation of Glory Authority Spotlight, an ongoing series intended to highlight Glory Authority affiliated events, their causes, and the event organizers/organizations behind them. If you organize a running event (or know someone) that may be interested in partnering with Glory Authority please let us know!

Our very first Glory Authority Spotlight illuminates the Bluemont 5K, hosted by DC Road Runners (DCRR) at Bluemont Park in Arlington, Virginia. DCRR is “non-profit regional group to promote running in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.” The race is set to take place on July 17, 2019 at 7PM; athletes can expect a field of around 200 participants.

Race director and first place women’s finisher from last year’s contest, Anna Suhring, is combining efforts with Miguel Cuya in organizing 2019’s Bluemont 5K. Miguel has been a DCRR member since 2009, directs races for DCRR, and competes in a bevy of interesting and challenging competitions throughout the year. To learn more about this race and explore its relationship with Glory Authority and our mission, I spoke with Miguel and Anna.

Supporting a Cause

DCRR acts as a supporter or collaborator with other local organizations to benefit the greater community or a specific cause. A perfect example of this is DCRR teaming up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) at the Bluemont 5K. The AFSP focuses on creating smart culture about mental health, funding research, educating the public, advocating policies, and supporting survivors and those affected by suicide. Their website, found in the link above, highlights the many ways you can get involved in taking action, ranging from volunteering to applying for research grants to creating a quilt to honor someone’s memory.

In shining our spotlight on the Bluemont 5K, Glory Authority also supports the cause behind the race. Our inclusive framework not only allows more to participate at the Bluemont 5K, it expands awareness for causes like suicide prevention and the importance of mental health across more communities.

Partnering with Glory Authority

As the first Glory Authority event partner, the Bluemont 5K (hosted by DCRR) dives headfirst into a world unexplored by other running events. Open to new and exciting ideas, Miguel eagerly awaits the chance to award participants with digital trophies saying, “there is always room for improvement.” While there are prizes awarded to the top finishers, the Bluemont 5K does not typically award all participants… until this year! He feels that a digital trophy is an award that “you’ll always have with you and always be able to find and show others,” since more and more people are eager to catalogue their accomplishments and experiences through digital self-expression. Miguel added, “[a digital trophy] is forever. More than wanting a medal, people want to be recognized for their achievement.”

What does our partnership look like?

  1. Glory Authority stands for increasing diversity and inclusion of under-resourced community members at local events.
  2. We partner with event organizers to provide social and financial support to create initial access.
  3. We fortify and encourage continued participation by all by providing fun customized digital trophies to event organizers, who then recognize and celebrate participants’ achievements and experiences by awarding them. Participants then share their digital trophies to various communities through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Miguel finds that Glory Authority’s goal of inclusion falls in line with making races like the Bluemont 5K more welcoming. “Whether you’re running the race or coming out to volunteer you are building the running community through participation, celebration, and socializing.” Anna shares this welcoming sentiment adding, “One of the things I appreciate most about the running world is the opportunity to meet and form connections with all different types of people, and I think for many people, small races are a great first introduction to that community-building aspect of running.” 

Shout Outs

The Bluemont 5K is part of the 2019 Bunion Derby Series and sister race to the National Capital 20 Miler, which takes place on September 29, 2019. Follow the links to learn more!

Call to Action

All participation is valued and encouraged! If you haven’t signed up for the Bluemont 5K yet, you can follow this link to register or volunteer:

Glory Authority is a nonprofit charity that stands for expanding diversity and strives to inspire and recognize courage and excellence in amateur athletics, education, and the arts. We work to make events available to everyone; and help under-resourced individuals in our neighborhoods thrive and succeed by encouraging and celebrating meaningful community participation.

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