Introduction to Glory Authority

Hi! I’m Frank, and I’m the Director of Operations at Glory Authority. We’re a startup nonprofit in the DC metro area with the mission of expanding diversity and inclusiveness at amateur athletic, educational, and artistic events.

How do we achieve this?

Glory Authority partners with event organizers to provide social and financial support to members of under-resourced communities and neighborhoods. People from under-resourced communities can apply to participate in any Glory Authority affiliated event through our grant program, which provides an initial pathway to participate and allows ease of access where it was once difficult, or perhaps unattainable.

What value do we bring to the events and communities we work with?

Glory Authority makes it possible for event organizers to award and celebrate their participants with digital trophies. We found that acknowledging, recognizing, and awarding achievement is the best way to build esteem and empower participants to continue accomplishing more. In this way, the combination of initial access, participation and accomplishment, and recognition and celebration create a sustainable, recurring cycle.

Our digital trophies are custom made for each event we work with, include event logo and brand visibility that will build recognition for the event, and can be awarded instantly! Participants claim their digital trophies through the Glory Zone App. They can share their experiences and achievements at athletic, educational, and artistic events back into their communities through social media, thus encouraging further participation and inclusiveness.  

If you organize an event or work with under-resourced communities and want to partner with or learn more about Glory Authority please let us know! You can email to start a conversation.

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